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Not Just Yet October 29, 2005

Posted by Marie in Chill.
It’s 3.30am…and the Hen Night will only happen in 2 weeks time. Hopefully, we’ll have the veil ,
Marianne, Ames & Angie. Zouk was packed packed packed and when we
tried going elsewhere …. everywhere else was empty!! WTF!! I know
it’s the long holiday weekend and all but don’t people have to work?
Stef however, got a tad bit high…and it was nice to catch a rare
glimpse of ‘Stef @ 16 and happening’.
*Photos on Monday*

Anyways… it was a
pretty okay Friday. It amused me that when I’m not on MSN, I get
messages like 1. Are you okay? 2. Woman, where are you ah? 3. Buzi? 4.
Why are you not online? Yes, I feel ‘loved’ but it’s strange how
important MSN is to so many of use…scary even. So for those who need
to know where I was… I was at the beach and it was lovely. 9 off days
to clear by this year…. I would love to go on a cheap Bali
holiday…. I need to find a rich hot guy…. heh (and yes, I’m not kidding).

Nearly 4am, I’m hungry and so not sleepy…. darn it.

Would you think less of me if I declared that I like the new Ricky Martin single "I Don’t Care’. Gay or not, the dude is cute.



1. Syereen - October 30, 2005

exactly what i told ann… ssshhhhhh!!! dont tell anyone i like that song ok.. and yes yes yes.. he is GEORGEOUS..truly truly GEORGE-ous… yummmmiest papasito evah!

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