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How Much is Too Much? November 11, 2005

Posted by Marie in Gripes.
Can’t people see when they have crossed the line? Can’t they tell that they’ve rubbed you the wrong way? I hate feeling like this!! I’m annoyed but angry that I can’t just tell him to "watch it or I’ll punch him". I don’t like people touching me; unless I like them or we’re in agreement about the ‘relationship’ – just frens, a special fren etc etc… I especially hate it when the ‘looks’ of them makes my skin crawl!! The problem gets worse cos he’s not really an ‘asswipe’ just … well… for no better word…ew. He keeps toeing the line and I just wanna STOMP on his feet!!!!
I HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT!!! Okay that makes me feel a lil better…
Now… I guess I have to put plan B into action…. 


1. Desmond - November 12, 2005

that would actually suit you.

2. Marie - November 14, 2005

What would suit me???

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