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Amusing; In Points November 14, 2005

Posted by Marie in Chill.
I must ask….what’s up with the cupcake craze? Stef has been on about them for ages, 2 months back Sye asked me bout cupcake ‘holders’, last week Ann goes nuts, I see them on blogs… cupcakes cupcakes cupcakes!!!
It’s amusing how many dudes thought my last post was about them…. I got 2 smses and one msn message. hmmm.
I was in hell yesterday cos there was a "fun-fair" right outside my place…. just across the road! Can a girl wake up after 10am EVER?!!
Shopping with Angie was fun….wish we had more time but we had to meet Stef & Wen then I started feeling a lil sick… too many 8 am to 10.30 pm work days will do that to a person.
I got lovely Christmas stuff to decorate my very gay Christmas tree
All my shopping online came. I’m quite happy….
Gonna get the gym membership to Cal Fit for a month and if I drag my ass to the gym 3 times a week…. I’ll get a membership. So Ann…get your gear on!! (and I promise I’ll wake up… oops)
FLASHBACK…lets see how I’m doing…

1. Have a yummy seafood meal at East Coast and then go bowling

2. Go the Zoo again DONE

3. Zoukout on the 10 Dec

4. Have 2 fun party nights with my girls

5. Slumber party

6. Wakeboarding BY END 2005

7. Have a really romantic dinner

8. Go cycling at Ubin

9. Book tickets to Sydney for Jan DONE DONE DONE DONE


11. How could I forget… go shopping and have a feast at Lil India!! (18 Nov) DONE


Oh crap…. I need to move this along a lil faster…..




1. Vendy - November 14, 2005

the most imporatant thing here is… did the dude you wrote about step up? If not, the dude in question just didn\’t get it… *sigh* megalomaniac

2. Marie - November 14, 2005

you mean…did the dude \’step back\’? heh…. to early to tell. Fuck it lah…

3. Josh - November 14, 2005

Marie, NO means NO.tell him once and for all that you\’re not interested and that you\’ll bring it up with the boss if he tries again.

4. Syereen - November 14, 2005

ok marie… i can do items: 3, 4, 8 & 11… i\’m working on setting up item 7 for you… heheheheh this time i shall make sure he\’s TALLLLLLLLL hahahahaha!

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