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Finally Marie GOES DOWN UNDER!! November 14, 2005

Posted by Marie in Happy Happy Joy Joy.
Deep breath!!
I’ve finally booked my tix to Sydney! I’m soooooo happy!! It cost S$799 (incl all those damn taxes) so I save like 500 bucks!! So I can jump outta the plane too!
So many things to do
1. Lose weight
2. Get my CV aussie ready
3. Book my stay in Blue Mountains
4. Call all new friends in Australia and beg them to take me out
5. Tell my auntie I’m crashing at her place
Pics are of Blue Mountains & Bondi.


1. A. - November 14, 2005

you left one out from your list… 6. Visit nude beach

2. Marie - November 14, 2005

Only if you come with me, would it be worth it *wink wink*

3. Josh - November 14, 2005

real smooth marie…. ;)anyway, ask your friends to bring you down to Darling Harbour… its like one big shopping and eating paradise… all on a wharf. (if you\’re there, you JUST HAVE TO eat at this restaurant called Cinta Ria. If your friends dont know what you\’re talking about, tell them it\’s the restaurant with the giant Buddha inside. (the ambience is very indocine-ish)other places you might like to check out is the City Center area… anywhere around Queen Victoria\’s Building (affectionately known as QVB) is fine. You will know you\’re there when you see this giant statue of Queen Victoria, near the junction at City Center Train Station.oh well, i\’m sure you\’ll find your way around just fine. 🙂

4. Angeline - November 14, 2005

So happy for you!!!! Long last, you are going for a holiday.

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