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Ploughing Thru November 16, 2005

Posted by Marie in Gripes.
I’ve got a tough time ahead before I go away…. sian. I hate when people don’t listen to what I have to say (don’t pretend! you silly cow!!!), I hate when people micro manage, hate when they say they trust us but lie. Screw you!!
I’m clearing leave and at first I was worried about finishing all I have to do… you know being the responsible person, I try to be…. but hey if you wanna micro manage my fat ass… GO AHEAD!!!
I’m SOOOOO annoyed! Can you tell?
Anyways, fyi, I’m off on Thursday & Friday…thus, not on MSN.
9.00 am – 11.30 am – Gym
12 nn – 4.30 am – Class
5.15 – 9ish – Town, shopping with Angie.
10.30 am – 12 nn – Sale
3.00 pm – 9 pm – Lil India 
One day…. soon, I have to take an off day and not have any plans….


1. Desmond - November 17, 2005

how was the shopping?got anything for me?

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