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Tales of Lil India November 18, 2005

Posted by Marie in Happy Happy Joy Joy.
So Thursday was a bit of a bust. Ann’s an idiot for not waking up, I’m an idiot for not bringing my passport picture so I couldn’t sign up for my class. Angie & I did round 2 of our shopping though!! She got a pair of darling Slides and I …well, I spent way too much $$!! I got yet another pair of shoes and a LOVELY Nike Bag! I am broke but mighty pleased!  
Today… haiz… today was a day I thought I’d be meeting lotsa lotsa of the ‘girls’… big plans and all…. it didn’t really happen. The L’Oreal sale was okay… if you like buying things in bulk!! Then Stef left us and never came back, so after snoozing a lil at my place, Wen & I met Ann and went to Lil India. I thought I was gonna be meeting Sye but the Gym Nazi went…you guessed it…. she went to the gym instead. We ate an early dinner at Tekka Market (wet Lil India…is kinda ew) bought bracelets (I need to go back soon…. I decided the other set of colours I want!!) Then, Wen went off to a romantic dinner with her loverboy and me and Ann…well… we went to get our eyebrow threaded… not as painful as I remembered and hellva lot cheaper than SpaEsprit! We went to Mustafa and I LOVE it…. I bought Mango Lassi.

You’re a Wild Drunk

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