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Wedding Weekend November 23, 2005

Posted by Marie in Chill.
I’m sitting at my desk, wondering how I’m ever gonna lose 4 kg by Jan….while biting into a fried banana ball. I’ll be dragging my butt to the gym later and my darling mommy gave me a protein bar for dinner, it’s like an updated version of a paper bag lunch .
My Auntie Lot is flying into Singers today, got to start talking to her about Sydney, living and transport issues. I’m such a control freak, but once the basic stuff is covered I’m all for spontaneous fun and adventure…. 
Can’t Wait Can’t Wait Can’t Wait!!
I’ve dubbed this weekend the Wedding Weekend, Stef’s wedding is on Sat and we’ll be going though stuff today so that we can completely chill out on Thursday and Sat… I have another church & dinner wedding on Sunday. I’ve never felt so chubby and looked so pasty in ages. All I can say is thankgoodness it ain’t my wedding/s!!
As I carry on rambling…. did anyone notice the clouds today? Or is that a silly question? It was strange yet picturesque. They were really low and I just wish I was basking in the watery sunshine. The top of the taller buildings in the CBD area looked like they belonged in Genting. So nice.


1. A. - November 23, 2005

"lose 4 kg by Jan"…one word: DRUGS

2. Unknown - November 23, 2005

arm out, hand open… waiting…..

3. Cheryl - November 23, 2005

I started to eat less closer to my holiday and when I reached Perth, I went crazy with all the food, cheap beer and cheap wine. I don\’t think I\’ll lose even close to 1kg by Christmas..

4. Marie - November 24, 2005

whatever lah… skinny biatch! *you know I only have luuuve fer ya*

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