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My Bliss List November 29, 2005

Posted by Marie in Happy Happy Joy Joy.

Since I’m feeling crappy…. I came up with a list that makes me happy.

Marie’s Bliss List

1. Slippers after a day in heels

2. At a clean beach on a clear day with nothing else better to do

3. Having someone hold your hand while walking you home

4. Chocolate anything

5. Hanging out with my girls and laughing

6. A great kiss

7. New colours/ shades from MAC

8. Puppies & kittens

9. Finishing a great workout or the feeling after a run at the park

10. My Mom’s Spaghetti & Meatballs



1. Vendy - December 2, 2005

I thunk and thunk (\’cos I\’m so easy to please) and came up with…1. Bare feet in soft, clean sand (like in Bali)2. Guilt- free days to do whatever ie laze in bed ALL day3. A F & E holiday with my girls, my boy or my family4. A rainy day with rumbling thunder- while I\’m home, of course5. Car ride to nowhere with fantastic car- ride music6. Clothes that fit and don\’t bust my pocket7. Zit free skin8. A free massage without the sales pitch9. the tim- tam slam and all the other junk food10. Just being~ Om~

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