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WatAnAss December 1, 2005

Posted by Marie in Gripes.
I wish someone bodily harm right now!! I don’t give a fuck if you’re a prof or a puff; I don’t give a crap who you, your daddy, mummy or sister is… you DON’T FUCKING YELL AT ME IN PUBLIC!! And if you insist…. I will give you attitude right back and if you FUCKING TOUCH ME!! I will hit you!! Cos YES, I’m a gangster and I’ll hit you on the head with a meat tenderizer!! Suck on that Asswipe! Okay, I’m done talking smack.
I’ve got a headache and so happy I took friday off!! I wanna be anywhere but here! On Friday if I don’t get dengue or something (don’t worry stef I’ll still be there on Sat) I intend to lie in the sun somewhere or sleep in, if it showers. Then I’m gonna go for body combat…. did I mention I’m totally angry rite now? My eye keeps twitching… someone make it stop!
On a happier note, me & sye are gonna get us a Cuban…she’s going first… I said I’d hold her hand and promised not to peek… but I found out we need both hands. Oh dear. 


1. Josh - December 2, 2005

take it easy.. its finally Friday and you dont have to work. 🙂

2. Steph - December 2, 2005

wah you, cheryl and me are some angry biatches…let\’s get this out before xmas…

3. Josh - December 2, 2005

aiyoh.. so much mid-life angst… LOL.

4. Marie - December 2, 2005

Midlife my ass! We\’re still young okay!!Anyways, Stef…. we\’ll get happy at least a week before Christmas… or better yet by next week. Can\’t wait!!

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