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Things that make me go…hmmmm December 7, 2005

Posted by Marie in Gripes.
Ok, first up… the MOU course that I CONDUCTED went well. I have to say… partly cos I was too damn tired to be nervous. I’m just fuckin’ happy that it’s over and done with.
Next up…some people really deserve a damn bitchslapupsidethehead. I went online, found a dude that was trying to sell his Cali Fit membership. Made an offer for 300 for 7 mths. He calls, says maybe, then complains that the gym won’t let him transfer the membership etc and if I’m willing to just use his wife’s card etc… aka cheat. I told him I wasn’t comfortable with that and advised him how to deal with the manager (they don’t call me ball buster for nothin’) so he gets what he wants… they allow him to transfer the membership with NO extra charge etc etc… THEN he asked to PLEASE increase my offer …so okay, I increased it to 400 THEN!!! …. grrr…. *&$%@!!&* comes back tells me he has an offer for 420 and could I please increase it blah blah blah blah!! CHEEBYE LAH!! Fucking this damn bullshit!! I help your sorry arse and you gimme some shite over 20 bucks!!! HERE’S A BIG FUCK YOU TO YOU!!!! I’m so damn angry!!!
Off to the gym now. Bye.


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