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Simplistic December 8, 2005

Posted by Marie in Chill.
I’m tired. Everyday this week was/ has been filled something major to do. I hope it’s bright & sunny tomorrow so I can just laze in the sun. Gawd, I need some colour so bad!
I was mighty pleased at the gym yesterday… there was some delicious eye candy. One of them caught us gazing at him and according to Sye… NOT me …. Sye… he looked at us too!! Ames said I should have just gone up and talked to him but see… I can’t do that unless I have liquid courage. Jump outta a plane; sure, go diving in the deep blue; woot! Go chat up a hottie…erm. Sigh. Wish my day at the gym ended like this….
M: Hi. Were you smiling at me?
Him: Yes, I was.
M: *giggle*
Him: Wanna grab dinner with me sometime?
M: Yes, please.
Life should be this simple.
Cycle :: 15 mins
Crosstrainer :: 30 mins
Arms, thighs
Torso Rotations :: 15 each side x 3 (this is a kick ass machine!)


1. Syereen - December 8, 2005

oy.. marie.. i said.. he was checking YOU out too.. not looking at US.. it was quite funny wasn\’t it? gymmerama!!

2. Josh - December 9, 2005

the good thing about gyms is that peole tend to return to it. maybe not me, but other people do. so go back there as often as you can and hope to see him again. 🙂

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