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Scatterbrain December 9, 2005

Posted by Marie in Numb.
I need a checklist for the gym! I forgot an extra tee to change into.
Sigh. It’s like I have to always ‘try’ to be extra careful, focused, detailed etc
at work, that in my personal life I’ve become a total scatterbrain. How

Crosstrainer EFX :: 30 mins

Cycle :: 10 k in 21 mins

Arms, Thighs + 100 crunches and 80 Torso Rotations

Sye? Can Pass?

My Checklist for Sat

– Wet Ones

– Extra Tee

– Sarong

– Protein Bar (?)

– Money

I’m dying to say condom just so I can add sex on the beach… but sand is overrated! ahahah. Yes, I’m full of crap.

Christmas is coming liao…. I bought wrapping paper. ahahahaha!!



1. shuiping - December 10, 2005

Seems quite strong oh! Lady! pls add my msn

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