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ZonkOut December 11, 2005

Posted by Marie in Numb.
I’ve been awake for 24 hours. I’ve gone 2 days without sleep before but
10 Dec has left me completely drained. Went shopping with my mom….
yes, I gave up a beautiful day at the beach for that woman. ahahaha. I
got the green leSportsac bag I’ve been lusting for. Yay.

The Qs to get into ZoukOut could make a grown woman cry!! I decided a
few days ago that this would be my last ZoukOut and I made the right
decision. I’m getting tired of this shite, gimme a dance flow, nice
loos and getting into a club without having to queue, any day!!
The highlights:- 1. Ames & I doing the bungy thing, seriously,
doing flips are a real workout! 2. Armin Van Buuren, duh! He rocked! 3.
Rain and the laser show, breath taking!
Low lights:- the damn downpour!! 2. ppl stepping on my toes & bag!
3. too many cute gay guys… waste my time…grrr! 4. A very cold,
miserable ride home on the MRT.

I go zzzzz now.



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