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Christmas Blah December 12, 2005

Posted by Marie in Blah.
Let me get my Christmas gripes outta the way…
1. It sucks that I’m gonna be a total white girl on Christmas!
2. I AIN’T giving vouchers. 
3. This is the first Christmas for me without a boyfriend… shouldn’t make a difference but I’m starting to notice how different people are getting around their partners. Oh well, when I finally settle for that someone special, at least I know for a fact, that I can put him as number 1 and not feel like shite bout it.
4. Tarts etc are important and I do wanna help my mom but it’s fucking irritating that when she wants to get her skinny ass to the gym she can but when I want some time to get to the beach or gym she’s goes "but you’re supposed to help me!" then starts her rampage about how she has to do everything around the house! News flash… Housewife! Hello!
5. If you don’t want to get me something on my list. fine. Just don’t make fun of it, I take the time to get it done and make sure some stuff on it isn’t too expensive etc and my only hope is that I don’t get shite. So surprise me.
6. I need to tidy my messy room by this weekend. I’m screwed… what I really want for Christmas is an ELF!


1. Ann - December 12, 2005

if you put the bf as number 1 then you will be exactly like the rest!I DONT WANT YOU TO BE LIKE THE REST. I LUB YOU THE WAY YOU ARE.*steps off soapbox*

2. shuiping - December 13, 2005

Got sth for u, wanna it?

3. Marie - December 13, 2005

wanna it? who are you?

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