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Say Again December 14, 2005

Posted by Marie in Gripes.
I never wanna see, hear, get, give etc anything from ‘that place’ ever
again. I hate it with a new found passion. I can’t believe that I’ve
had a shite-fest with 2 different people bout the same place!!

I have an opinion about EVERYTHING…and I mean everything! Hell, I
might even have an opinion about cells!! I’ve down-played lots of what
I wanna say or feel, cos frankly my dears, sometimes I just don’t give
a damn. What I find hard to swallow, is that so many people pass
comments about what I like etc (yes, some of my stuff is ugly, so ugly
that I love it! Sometimes they are right!! Gasp, what was
I thinking!) however, when I give my point of view I’m forcing it down
their throats. That was not my intent but to say that my taste is
safe/boring, ‘ouch’ what a slap to the face… but I can’t deny, I
don’t like frump or fuss… so maybe I am boring, lord knows a
fashionista I am not

Lovin’ :: Voodoo People by Prodigy



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