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Lookin’ Back January 1, 2006

Posted by Marie in Uncategorized.
2005 was a year of many first.
1. Got my ass outta the music industry and into the corporate world (no traveling kinda SUCKS though)
2. Made plenty new friends… yeah, the SupaStar can be friendly!
3. Finally realized what I want in a man but that he has to wait while I’m busy living.
4. I can’t sing and know it…. but now my workmates know it too.
5. I love colour (not just black, pink & purple) …who knew
6. Got my iPod… Kiss My Shiny Metal Ass
7. Got a good Digital Camera
8. Went crazy over earrings!!
9. Spend money on skincare!
10. That I’m stronger than I thought I was but still weaker than I’d like to be.
11. That I can travel 3 hours everyday (back & forth) and still …kinda like my job!
12. I like the gym…and yeah I haven’t gone since before Christmas

Things to look foward to….
1. Fitting back into my normal sized jeans!! Every NYE I’m in my fat jeans
2. Hardcore at the gym
3. Sydney
4. A love that last….we all want that
5. Spiritual growth
6. A new tattoo
7. Cambodia & Vietnam
8. More hugs
9. Taking better care of myself

I’m still a lil high now…. Drunken Snakes & Ladder ROCKS!! I’m gonna go zzzzzz…

10. More sleep!!!

Horrid pix up soon… oh dear.



1. Marie - January 1, 2006

happy new year babes!! cya soon

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