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All I Need January 3, 2006

Posted by Marie in Chill.
My horoscope says .. There are 2 really important things to know in
this life: be honest & kind. Try and carry those thoughout your
daily task and you will find that almost anything can be solved. Shall
I try?

On a more personal note… my darn legs feel like lead. My shoulder is
pinched and my knee is fucked again… so much for running. The body
begged for mercy and I gave it very little, I know I’m gonna pay for it
tomorrow. I really need to lose the 2 kg I put on during Chistmas. Yes,
2 whole kg… but it’s easy weight to lose, the hard bit is gonna be
the 2 kg after, gotta lose it for me to look half-way decent in my

On a pleasent note, Roger Sanchez is gonna be spinning at Zouk! I can’t VAIT! Wish you were here Malla!

On a silly note, the "Noteworthy in 2005" awards will be out this weekend. Come back then.



1. Vendy - January 4, 2006

Perhaps it\’s a good start to be kind to youself before anything else… that\’s the hardest

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