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Pooh January 9, 2006

Posted by Marie in Gripes.
Life is shit sometimes and I get that but….

I’m tired, I don’t wanna be jaded, I don’t want to be one of those people with no expectations, I don’t wanna let people down but I’m sick of the fact that no one else gives a rats ass.

Okay…. breath. I hate the fact that I left work early and now have no where to go. Bugger.



1. Will - January 10, 2006

Hey baby! Donta worry, be happy! You don\’t need them…… you have you…….. and rabbit. Nothing else matters : )

2. Marie - January 10, 2006


3. Syereen - January 10, 2006

marie, when you are sick, i dont disturb you what… cos sick marie is 10000x Nazi.. hahahahah just kidding.. hang loose, babe… stay all pinkies and thumbs, ok…

4. Unknown - January 10, 2006

poor thing… you\’re angry and everyone is making fun of you!?! lol. Remember you said you were gonna chill and not fret? Don\’t let \’them\’ get you down.

5. Marie - January 10, 2006

Lynn, I\’m used to it. Anyways, I\’m trying to be easy going.. it\’s not really easy is it? ahahaha. I gotta shake it off… heh.p.s – did you see the email addy? I kid you not rite? snigger.

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