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Living January 17, 2006

Posted by Marie in Numb.
Okay, I know everyone keeps warning me bout all the dangers. Thanks for
your concern. I’m aware of the danger, I don’t enjoy the thought of
living the rest of my life with a missing arm. I just hope that if
anything does happen, my brain will make me go numb, as it usually does
and well… I’m done.

I’m not morbid… well, not really. Thing is, I’ve done a lot of the
things I’ve wanted to do, I’ve laughed, cried, dance till my legs
refused to move, had too much fun, got into a fight that landed me in
hospital, got my heart broken, loved something more than life itself,
danced in the rain, worked hard, slacked off, gave butterfly kisses,
got drunk etc etc… my point of view, I’ve lived my life. The list is
getting shorter; all I have to do is tick off skydiving & surfing
and all I have left is bungee jumping, white water rafting and
co-piloting a F16.



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