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Screwed Over? February 17, 2006

Posted by Marie in Gripes.
How many ways can you say I DON’T GIVE A SHIT? Cos seriously I want soooo badly to yell it straight at this person’s face. It would make me feel SOOOO GOOD. I’m not sure if I can control myself much longer. *help*
Next subject, I think I’ve been letting myself go soft and becoming too nice. See… I do everything for a reason. I love my family n frens so I wanna do things for them cos they simply make my life better. What happens when you do something for someone who mostly makes you miserable and the worst bit is that you bend over backward and you may get nothing in return?
Aiyah… I’m so happy I’ll be going to town. I wanna see pretty things (yes, yes, Wendy it includes you…snigger).
Cycle L4 :: 15 mins
Crosstrainer L5 :: 45 mins
Twisty Tummy Thing :: 80
I’m easing back into exercise….don’t judge me  


1. Vendy - February 17, 2006

Aiyoh, so shy. Hurhurhur…

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