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Please Sir, I want more March 16, 2006

Posted by Marie in Food and drink.
During lunch yesterday, we went to Colbar, I haven’t been there in yonks! I think I only went that one time while Gil was staying there, 5 years ago, before the highway, the Chicken Cutlet is the best ever! We went on the swing, walked around the old estate, went into (not broke into) an apt under renovation .
I had the camera and I wanted to take pictures of our yummy dinner but with all that excitement… the camera was forgotten *snigger*. We had Carrot Cake $5 white, $3 black, Stingray (L), Baby KaiLan (M), Fried Rice (S) and then….Wen polished of 3 chicken Wings all by herself. I couldn’t sit very comfortably after all that, so we walked to Orchard Road. It was a breezy nite, lotsa laughs, big expensive houses to peek into, a cute lil Boston Terrier called Francis to scratch and bad singing. It was a fabulous mid week break. Foodwise, I am mighty pleased.
Who’s up for some booze on Friday? I hear Cider calling.


1. Vendy - March 16, 2006

The harrowing experience of missing a stop and crossing the Newton Circus (scary y\’know!) and holding in my pee whet my appetite… 3 wings is not alot ok! anyway, that was the minimum order. Bar the looks coming my way while enjoying my wing, satay would\’ve been a nice touch. Hurhurhur

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