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Tres Sad March 18, 2006

Posted by Marie in Gripes.

To be home on a Sat SUCKS… but my arms hurt so bad, I can hardly move. All I did was sleep, which I guess is much needed. Ann was a lazy ass. Hmph.

My report on MOS (again), yes, Wendy, it sucks and if I don’t ever have to go there again I’ll be happy. From the bloody cows at SMOOVE and their darn whistles (I was gonna shove it down their tracheas), to the ew-worthy bengs with their red wine and lewd stares. Oh and let’s not forget the horrid bouncers!
Bouncer 1: Are you waiting for someone?
M: Yes, she’s just there, I’m waiting for her to catch up.
Bouncer 1: You can’t wait here.
M: *looks around the lobby* Why not? I’m not blocking anyone?
Bouncer 2: Move, okay?!
M: (thinks- f’off you short fart) says – No, it’s not OKAY.
Frens catch up and my parting shot was a lame "So bloody rude!"

Anyways, tmr, a kids b’day party with my ladies and face paint. Yay?

PIX :: I was acting silly and obviously the photographer was high already cos his hands were shaky  & Photo with the ladies. 




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