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I can’t believe March 28, 2006

Posted by Marie in Gripes.
I’m sick again. I’ve got a sore-throat, the chills, body ache, slight cough and a fever (I totally blame Syl!! You sick girl you!). I don’t think I’ve been sick so many times in a year! I’m worried if I take one more MC I might just get fired (heh heh). I feel so shitty but I have to go to Sentosa, I’m NOT looking foward to this at all!! Am taking half day leave tmr to TRY and recover before my Bash. Woe am I.


1. Sylvan C - March 28, 2006

if its any consolation at all its just your body\’s reaction in preparation for what it know\’s to come (at the BasH)… best to make room for all the alcohol by removing the toxins left over from all the previous times! haha.. get well soon dudette.

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