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Cough Cough Hack March 30, 2006

Posted by Marie in Chill.

I don’t handle coughs very well and I’m starting to cough like a smoker. This morning I had to remove myself from the train cos I had such a bad coughing fit that it brought tears to my eyes and I felt like I just might puke.


On a happier note… so far 2 ppl have gotten my favourite song correct and 2 other ppl have described me correctly. No prizes yet. Raj has threatened me with a Flaming Lamborghini… ‘dude, it’s 1 for 1… so I drink, you drink, deal?’


I’m on leave tmr…la de da


BTW…. my b’day is NOT on the 31st March. Wish me after midnite only.



1. Claire - March 31, 2006

Happie Birthday Gal!

Hope u have a fantastic birtday filled wif fun and lots of booze!!!!


2. Marie - March 31, 2006

which u can\’t have for another 6 months? Lukie is a cutie 😉

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