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QnA April 5, 2006

Posted by Marie in Blah.
Q. How are you feeling?
A. Better
Q. How’s the exercise coming along?
A. I’m a lump and haven’t seen the gym in 2 weeks *cough cough*. Going on Friday. Promise.
Q. How was your birthday?
A. It’s wasn’t great but it was okay. I guess I expected too much.
Q. How was dinner?
A. Which one? Al Dente was crap, service sucked and when I saw the bill I nearly chocked on my warm water. Cafe Iguana rocked.
Q. What presents did you get?
A. Sunnies from some of the girls, Tangs shopping spree (thanks Angie), top from St Michaels (thanks Stef), surplus of La Source (thanks Dez & Christian), CD (thanks John), my treadless tee (coming soon! thanks Cuteness *cough*) and money!!
There…questions most asked this week.


1. Josh - April 5, 2006

Just dropped by to say Hi Marie.
Hope all is well. Can\’t really be bothered with my blog now.
Anyway, hope your bday turned out well.
Talk soon ya!

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