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SIFF April 20, 2006

Posted by Marie in Movies.

It’s hard to go out when you’re feeling poorly and have to drag your tired ass to the cinema cos you’d booked tickets ages ago. So anyways, I love foreign films, I like the scenery, the accents, the new faces. So much about it is different from normal Hollywood celluloid (which I also like btw).


I caught C.R.A.Z.Y a canadian french film on Sat and I kinda liked it, Ann wasn’t too impressed and I don’t think she’s ever letting me pick shows again but… yeah, I liked it especially like the music. I think somewhere towards the end the director wasn’t sure if he wanted the main character to be gay or not.


The flick I watched yesterday was quirker complete with ‘talking’ koi and a pretty german girl (who knew). The Fisherman & His Wife, behind the laughs this show based on the Brothers Grimm fairytale made me think.

I’m feeling way too sick to work, I need more sleep now. Oh and before I forget to mention… I’m going bowling tmr…. the fourth time in my entire life *grumble*.



1. Raj - April 23, 2006

Hey I  went to see C.R.A.Z.Y. too! Pity i didnt see u guys. I think the character was actually gay towards the end of the film cos he did narrate saying that it took a while for the father to get used to him bringing home his partner. Dont u think it was strange that the guy he met in Israel looked like Jesus? Did it have a deeper meaning? Had no idea that the film had a gay protagonist tho it did mention his "sexual alienation" in the synopsis(didnt occour to me then). Also thought that there would be more david bowie music in it(again as mention in the synopsis) but there was only one song. Enjoyed the film non the less.

2. Marie - April 24, 2006

When he had come back from Israel, I wasn\’t sure till he mentioned his dad and the partner bit. Why do all the cute or nice, or cute & nice dudes have to be gay!! Tell me why Raj! Why?

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