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3 May May 3, 2006

Posted by Marie in Happy Happy Joy Joy.
Today the aim is to CHILL thus basically skive. Today is also my Mom’s & Vendy’s b’day. I really wanted to upload pictures of the party on Sat and the amount of cheese & pies my Mom brought back from Perth but I left my cable at home. Pooh. So I’m uploading some shots Cheryl took.
So to the ladies HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
Today is also the day I finally made it back to the gym! Holy crap, I felt SOOOO weak.
Cross Trainer :: 30 mins 260 cals (so I worked off my mini Pinic bar?)
Sit Ups :: 100
Side Twisty Things :: 30 x 2
Chest & Thights…. I wanted to do my back as well but there was some photo shoot going on.
1. B’day games, Wen thought the lizards were dentures *Silence*.
2. Wendy basically showing off her new ring
3. The Girls
4. And me…. too happy.



1. Vendy - May 3, 2006

Oh dear.. looking too pleased with the champagne… You shoulda zoomzoomzoomed on the ring!
Hahhah… It was great fun! Thanks, babe! 😉

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