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Holy cow…. May 16, 2006

Posted by Marie in Gripes.
I’m sick AGAIN. Yup, the darn cough is back with a vengeance. I decided to go cheap and see the company doctor. I hate their attitudes…. but… she gave me what I need. She also informed me that I need an inhaler to treat my asthma… I refused it. Before you call me an idiot, I had really bad asthma growing up, I got better and stronger; swimming and running and never once used the inhaler…of course, the few trips to the hospital and the oxygen tank in every class wasn’t too cool lah. 
I digress, she then told me that I really shouldn’t be diving… I’m like…dude, I’ve been diving for 5 years and it’s just this nasty cough which I had earlier…blah blah blah. She then proceeded to tell me I might die diving… I looked her straight in the eye and told her ‘that would be a great way to go wouldn’t it?’
Anyways, I should be going to the gym today but it’s not gonna happen, I can hardly breathe walking up to the 4th floor. Sigh. I’m giving myself two days before I get the inhaler cos the triathlon is but a breath away…*panic panic*


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