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Eat, Sleep & be Marie May 22, 2006

Posted by Marie in Chill.
This weekend was a bit of a waste. All I did was take my meds…zzzz… have lunch, take meds….zzzz…wake up, rush to get ready to go for dinner at PS Cafe, watch Dez & Ann engage in Sheesha, have a truly amusing Sat night at Changi….. go home, take meds…zzz. Sunday, wake up, get ready to have Brunch with the ladies… go home, take meds….zzzzz….wake up have dinner, watch tv, take meds…zzzz…. it’s Monday. I feel useless.
The breakdown, Over the Hedge, it rawked. PS Cafe is a tad bit over-rated, the service was good, the ambience was fabulous but the food…. erm… skip. Now about Changi, well… in today’s society, trust is usually lacking so when Ann asked me if she could knock on the door of her old home and ask to be let into a total strangers’ house at 11pm on a Sat night… I said no, then again how much do I know, we were peering into the empty house next door and this family came walking by blah blah blah found out they were staying at Ann’s old dig and we were INVITED inside. I still shake my head in wonder. This made the b’day girl very happy. Then we decided to check out the old Changi Hospital sans torchlight and in heels (I never claimed to be smart). We’ll be heading back again soon in complete gear (re: track shoes, tee and shorts) and hopefully there won’t be Lady Marmalade playing in the background this time (spoils the spook factor).
Sunday, Cellar Door turned out to be a hit…with me anyways. I mean, how wrong can you go with 6 kinds of dip and warm bread, The Worx; scrambled eggs, toast, BACON, sausage, beans and …. did I mention bacon? To finish it all we had Ann’s cupcakes and lemongrass & ginger ice-cream. YUMMY!


1. Desmond - May 23, 2006

your weekend in all honesty didn\’t sound that bad.
mine was bad…. i twisted my right ankle.
so now i\’m hobbling and limping every where i go …. again

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