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Eat Your Family May 26, 2006

Posted by Marie in Chill.
This is a yearly thing with this place… today is Eat (with) your Family Day. Of course, my family has better things to do lah… but this is how morbid my friends and family are…
M (on the phone with Wen): Mom, tmr is eat your family day
Wen: tell your mom, she’s too lean…. not tasty
Mom: Uh? Oh… you can eat your dad….
M & Wen: *silence*
Mom: giggle
M: Well, yeah, we could just slice off his tummy and he won’t even notice. Turkey size!
Wen: or 2
Mom, Wen, M: ahahahahaah
M: Daddy’s not gonna be too happy bout this conversation
12 hours later at work, I tell MH this story
MH: He’ll be like bacon….yum
M: *silence*…. wow, we’re so morbid I’m gonna have to blog about this….
On a totally different note, I gotta curb my spending… I went to get my eyebrows done during lunch at Holland V and I spent 100 bucks!! Got SpaEsprit’s ToxinEliminator 80 bucks gone, then I sent to get some stuff from Beadworks and bought lunch!! Angel calls and ask if I want anything from LA and I’ve been eyeing this & this from Urban Outfitters…. and…. the Great Singapore sale is on!!! And….. I want my LeSportsac bag…. do you see how much trouble I’m in?


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