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The Weekend June 12, 2006

Posted by Marie in Numb.
I miss the weekend already….
Friday was shop shop shop till the stores closed!! Then drinks at Harry’s at Orchard Towers, we took some seriously spez photos there! But… mostly it was Dez gawking at the professionals as they strutted by.
Sat… oh dear Sat. Dragged my lazy ass outta bed and went to King Albert Park… for all the cool eastside people… it’s fuckin’ FAR!!! The Mac Donald’s Party however was fun fun fun.
Auntie (18 year old host): Children (all older than 25) what do we do before we eat?
Children: Confused silence
Auntie: Yes? Anyone?
Children: go for a smoke? ahahahaha
Auntie: Erm, no
Some Kid: Wash Hands?
Auntie: Yes! That’s right, now form a line and put your hand on your friends’ shoulder, we’re now a train and we’ll cho choo to the toilet!!
Teens outside: Stop Stare and Laugh
Anyways, then Ames & I watched Cars and then I rushed to East Coast to treat my Mommy & Daddy to a Seafood Dinner. Phew, I was tired.
Sunday was basically slack n gym…. okay, report over.


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