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Tickles June 16, 2006

Posted by Marie in Happy Happy Joy Joy.
I do hate myself for loving PCD so much, oh well a lil self-loathing never hurt anyone. I serious love the song Buttons and it’s not on my China imported CD! Damn the silly salesgirl…. I’m gonna change it today.
The travel tickle is back…. see it starts with a tickle then a tingle ever so often, after a month or so, it’s becomes this annoying sullen urge and I get wistful every time I see a plane and this painful feeling in my heart when I past the airport on my way to work via cab. I also get upset when I go to the airport for my dose of Popeye’s and start looking at the departure board and wanna just point, pick, pay and be on the plane to anywhere. I have issues I know. I hope Bangkok in Sept suppresses it for a bit. 
You know else is back? My conquer the USA idea. 6 months of working in cafes or picking oranges and travelling… the song "Make It Happen" is playing in my head now!! Argh! Ok ok, I know it’s kinda far fetched but… hmmm.


1. Mei Hui - June 16, 2006

*Groan* I am so needing a holiday right now.
It\’s weird that I also had the same feeling just last week that if I don\’t do that "travel around Europe doing odd jobs" thing now, I never would.
Well, I think it\’s too late for me now. SAVE YOURSELF!!!

2. Marie - June 16, 2006

ahahaha…. going the chapel…aaaand gonna get Marrriiieeeddd. 😉

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