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The ‘ouch’ factor June 19, 2006

Posted by Marie in Happy Happy Joy Joy.
Right now my neck is aching so bad and I have a headache but I tell ya… I can’t wait to go home and run.
The weekend was great, dinner & drinks with Shir…man, I love Cider, I got home by 12.30am cos I had to be up early. Ames n I hit east coast in the morning and we ran first, cycled crappy bikes and swam in some seriously filthy, choppy water. My poor knees complained about the extra 3kg I’ve piled on these last 3 months and under normal circumstances I would have never swam in the sea if it were that gross. I still shudder at the memory. All I could do the rest of Sat was to watch a movie and zzzzzzzzzz.
Sunday, more zzzzzzzzz then I headed to Noel’s to swim and some how got into the car, got asked to be Wen’s bridesmaid *woot*, went to east coast, Wen & Noel helped me decide on a bike and 1100 bucks went ‘bye bye’. I get my spanking new Contessa 20 on Tuesday!!
Ran/ Walked:: 3km
Cycled:: 1 hour
Swam:: 220m
Swam:: 25 x 10 laps


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