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Slow Poke Finishes July 3, 2006

Posted by Marie in Happy Happy Joy Joy.

I wrote this whole entry on Sat but it refused to publish. Sigh.

So I finished my mini tri in an hour, pretty good for a lass with less than 3 weeks training and who couldn’t find her bike.

The breakdown::

Swim – Shorter then expected, was muddy but easy enough, the waves weren’t too bad.

Cycle – Should have listened to Noel and changed the mtb wheels to road ones. Head wind was a killer…. and I was sooooo slow.

Run – Thighs and knees were screaming for mercy or at least a good stretch but I ran every time I saw a photographer (there were loads of photographers…grrrr).


Funny bits:: While running. I was thinking that next year, my name will be Slow Poke, I looked up and SO TIRED was in front of me! wahahaha.


Not so funny bit:: Coming in from the run, giving it my all (of what’s left)….and I hear my full name being called (that usually means trouble) and I’m like ‘uh?’ and then my AGE!! Silent Screams!!



1. Claire - July 3, 2006

u did it! Congrats !!! Onward to 2007 ! 🙂

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