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A Cry For Help July 31, 2006

Posted by Marie in Pets.
Why do people do this? How can anyone do this to another living thing? I just don’t understand… especially to a pet you once (hopefully) loved. It sickens me. Action for Singapore Dogs, please help. I do a monthly donation and they deduct it via Giro and I don’t even notice or you could send a cheque….just care I guess.


1. Unknown - July 31, 2006

Sorry if I\’ve got the wrong person. Marie Eber as in KC?
Friend sent me this blog and asked me if your the same one. Hell no harm asking…I hope.

2. Marie - August 1, 2006

Hi Allen, yup…it is I. 🙂

3. Unknown - August 1, 2006

Hah! i don\’t think u and i were even remotely cordial to one another when our paths crossed way back when. Must have been puberty and the need for image maintenance. 
Thanks for the reply : ) 

4. Marie - August 1, 2006

well.. we were like 13? kinda happens. and what\’s this about imagine maintenance? hmph.

5. Unknown - August 2, 2006

Yup bout 13. Image maintenance… u know the imagined \’reputation\’ each one of us cooked
up for ourselves that determined how we wanted to be perceived. Of course I mean way back when.
The proximity of KC and St Pat\’s meant most of us had this warped sense of self importance which
in reality depended on how popular we were with the opposite sex. Then again I\’ve probably
described what every teenager goes though. 
U seem nothing short of \’kicking\’ (\’alive\’ is a given). What has the last 17 years done for u?
PS: Since we are cordial, I thought we\’d try a \’conversation\’.

6. Marie - August 2, 2006

sure, just add me on msn or something…
Did I have a reputation? I\’m guessing it wasn\’t a good one… (I can hear all my friends laughing). 

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