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Daddy’s Girl Loves Watches August 7, 2006

Posted by Marie in Chill.
I’m like my dad in many ways and although he can be a major pain the butt, he’s the only dad I’d ever want. I mean how many dads’ listen to Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Etta James, Gorillaz and Beethoven? Not many dads would pick you up from a police station cos you got into a fight only to tell you… ‘lucky it’s cos of fight and not for shoplifting or something stupid…ooo… that’s gonna hurt tomorrow’ ahahaha. A great dad spends time to tell you, you’re better than everyone else and should never let anyone treat you like crap (for too long anyways). My dad also loves watches, something I’ve liked for a long time… it’s been a slow process of owning 12 Swatches (8 of which, have never had their batteries replaced ) and a few more expensive watches and I’ve narrowed my choice to 3 Omegas I’m keen on. However, I gotta say.. the black DNKY would make a LOVELY Christmas present *hint hint*
So for my diverse taste in good music (yeah, not including Hip Hop), to bailing me out literally and now…when he gets back he’ll let me know which watch I should get once I’ve paid off my bike!! Woo Hoo…. Thank you Daddy.


1. Vendy - August 8, 2006

Well….. a DiNKY watch can do, we\’ll get one in BKK. A DiKNY will need a bit of work. 😉
I vote the simple black face Omega- quite a classic.

2. Marie - August 10, 2006

hur hur hur… i like that …dinky. ahahaha

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