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Sports Speak August 14, 2006

Posted by Marie in Health and wellness.
I finally got my new Asics GT-2110. The last time I owned a pair of Asics was when I did track. I luuvve it!
Okay the NUS Tri, timing ain’t out yet and the race was brutal.
The breakdown according to me:-
Men and women swimming in the open sea resulted in me getting kicked in the abs/hip area…hard.
I went "Ouch"
Hot dude on the jet-ski asked "Are you alright?"
I say "Yeah"
Swim pass the fool who kicked me and called him an asshole (I can’t keep the pain inside).
Hairy white men who can’t swim and don’t know how to get out of the way…urgh. Can’t you feel my frustration? I got kick in the face too. Got outta the water only to see Noel & Alex taking pictures of me in my swimsuit… ARGH!!! They can use it as blackmail any day, oh no!!
Get my bike, stretch a lil and off I go, oooo… I see Wendy *grin*. Pedal Power (not really). Few ppl fell, stupid idiots in blades blocking the way, I cheered a lil dude to keep up with me . The slicks made a difference. 12km was never ending when your thighs are burning.
Run like you mean it…. NOT. I was spent and it was getting hot and there wasn’t a water-point in sight and NUS lied… it wasn’t a 2km….
I kept up with 69 and when I heard the screams from my lovelies at the finishing line, I used whatever was left and ran faster.
So I really wanna thank Angie & Alex for shoving me and my bike in the back of your wagon, I’m guessing the photo is worth it.
Noel for rushing down with a pair of goggles…seriously…THANK YOU!!
Stef, Wen and Merv for being the best cheerleaders a girl could ever ask for. You cannot believe how much it helped.
Cycling back home though…. not to bright but I was thinking bout the ribs I’d be ‘inhaling’ at dinner so…..
One last thing… my buns feel like they’re made of steel….ahahahahahaha
2 pix – me at the back of Angie’s car & trying to get outta the sea.


1. Vendy - August 14, 2006

It was awesome! next time, i\’ll bring the pom- poms and whistles… Rah~rah~rah… Hoo- ARRRH!

2. Angeline - August 14, 2006

Ur welcome!!!! from 1 person to 6.5 ppl cheering u on…..it better help ;> As for the photos…..hehehe

3. Paul - August 15, 2006

You know what would be fun.  Me doing it with you.  Ok maybe not.  We\’d probably argue all the time.  But still. Funny. 

4. Marie - August 15, 2006

yeah…and I\’d kick your ass in the process heh heh heh.

5. Paul - August 15, 2006

You are soo mean to me. 

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