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Run Lola Run August 21, 2006

Posted by Marie in Numb.
On Sat I went Rock Climbing and it ROCKED. hahahaha. Kinda cheesy but it had to be said. It was good fun especially when I’d let go and Syl could come slamming into me. I’d like to go a few times before the Stubbly comes. However, I’d always prefer diving or wakeboarding .
Headed to MOS and I tell you Singaporeans are way too rich! There were like 9 red Ferraries parked outside and 2 Bentleys! I mean, damn it..why haven’t I been a Ferrari before! Hmph. Anyways, Aud will be teaching me the ‘Shuffle’ dance soon, it’s hilarious! Onward ah lian hood! It was nice partying with Shirene, Cheryl and all the other cool chicks…again again!
Sunday was spent trying very hard to NOT DO ANYTHING. Ok, back to the grind.
Cycle :: 30 mins
Run :: 3 km
Cycle :: 15 mins
Cross-Trainer :: 45 mins
Yeah, I need to do some yoga, body pump and/or weights… I’m such a slacker.


1. Paul - August 21, 2006

🙂  Glad to hear about the rockclimbing.  Keep going at it 🙂  Send me a shot of the bouldering.  Or hey, we can do outdoor bouldering if they got it there… I can\’t wait. 

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