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Rolling Rolling Rolling September 8, 2006

Posted by Marie in Blah.
I have so much crap to do before my lil trip, I should feel busy but my flaw is that I kinda turn off instead of get stressed out. Sigh.
I need to pack my bag tonight cos I usually over-pack at the last minute and I do wanna just chill in the morning and watch Bold and Beautiful, it’s a hard habit to break .  Anyways, The ipod is loaded with new tracks thanks to Ames, Ann and John, loves it.
Stuff I need to get done Soon
1. Detox
2. Cable Ski @ East Coast DONE
3. Sheesha Goodness DONE
4. Start using my Osim Uzap DOING IT
5. Cycle to Changi and then kill myself at Ubin.
Stuff I need done by End of 2006
1. Lose 5 kg 4kg more to go
2. Cycle @ Track 15
3. Visit Cambodia in the works
4. Mandarin Class
5. Get a new tattoo
Around the Corner
1. Going Spanish at Cheryl’s DONE
2. Coldplay!!! DONE
3. Grab a ride on a Harley! Josh! Hurry! 
4. Fiesta Fiasco with Angie & Chris DONE
Gym on Wed
Cross Trainer :: 35 mins
Stepper:: 5 mins ahahahaha. It’s hard okay!
Arms, chest and more arms
Side Twisty thing:: 15 x 2 on each side


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