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Rockstar Spoiler ahead September 14, 2006

Posted by Marie in Chill.
I have Inflamed Intestines cos I ate too much in Bangkok… if it didn’t hurt so bad when the doctor was prodding me in the belly I would have laughed. Oh well, out comes the psyllium.

On a nicer note my old primary school teacher sent me an email (cos I sent her a teacher’s day card…don’t laugh and I’m not sweet) anyways, she mentioned some old schoolmates I kinda lost contact with over the years, I think I’ll ask her for their email addresses. Anyone remember Pauline Tan? I miss her.

Pssst… I know who won Rockstar and I’m not very pleased… [spoiler] lil liner wearing midget with very cool sunnies.



1. Vendy - September 14, 2006

… the psyllium\’s coming out for me too! Hopefully I don\’t look like an overstarved kid with a bloat-ey tummy by next week. Prrft.
Methinks the midget is a MAC lover too.

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