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SHUDDER, ROCK and ROLL OVER September 15, 2006

Posted by Marie in Gripes.

Okay, I’m not a fan of Singapore Idol and the few minutes I’m forced to watch it on either TV Mobile or at home (cos my mom wants a good laugh) I cringe and wonder how these people are actually in the finals… cross eyed, poor diction, bad hair, fatties (ok, I’m mean) the list goes on and now… my bosses want Jonathan Leong to perform at one of my events. Arrrggghhh!! It’s like wtf! Please put aside your lusty longings for barely legal, small eyed, 5566 haired, poor pronunciation Jonathan. I mean come on… drool outside of working hours please.




1. Vendy - September 15, 2006

hahahah… nasty! it\’s weird… beauty is definitely in the shittified eye of the beholder

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