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Dysphoria September 27, 2006

Posted by Marie in Gripes.

Every morning, I have stress induced acid reflux symptoms cos I don’t eat and I’m stressed out as hell making sure I don’t miss the blasted bus, so I run, and my legs hurt cos they haven’t warmed up yet, I’m sullen as I get up the bus and a lil sweaty too. The ride is bumpy and I can’t read my book and that irks me. I get to work and I’m starving and I force myself NOT to drink coffee cos it doesn’t help with my heartburn so I drink tea or soy but give in, if I’m gonna fall over. With an hour or two I get infuriated cos idiots run this place and I can’t kick them in the shin. Then an hour before I need to leave the office to go to home or to the gym, I get annoyed cos I have to work late and I feel like a lump. Cos Spidey and Christmas are around the corner, I get upset that I look and feel like a lump and this thus adds to my depression. Being depressed is bad right and that irritates me because I don’t wanna be depressed, I mean, Valium is nice an all but come on… there are just so many labels a girl can deal with! So I get home late and there’s NO food which disappoints me and I have to cook instant noodles which taste yum but it’s a bad, fattening, useless meal ain’t it??!! So I get upset. Then I go shower and return to the rather harsh light in my room, there is a blinding white light… I look at my mirror and good gawd it’s me!! Arck!! Finally, I get into bed and I realised that I haven’t used my moisturiser or pimple cream and that’s bad but who the hell gives a damn right? 5 mins later, I’ve pulled myself out of bed and slap on the necessary cos I want to age well and botox is still 5 years away. Finally bliss? Nope, I have dreams about invitation cards and letters all over my bed with horrible pencil marks I can’t for the life of me understand!!!! Arggghhh!! I turn over and look at my mobile alarm it’s 6am and I need to get up in 30 mins…. I’m grumpy.

I wish sleep was overrated!

Hit repeat.



1. Marie - September 28, 2006

Baby…did you forget to take your meds?

2. Marie - September 28, 2006

Placebo 😉 I just used that song on myspace. hee hee.

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