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Foodie Weekend November 20, 2006

Posted by Marie in Food and drink.
So after going on a fast paced 2.5 hour walk in the morning we shoved our faces at Mariana’s place and then went down to Vivo City. Bad mistake and I wasn’t impressed, I’m just surprised we managed to park. After which, R refused to let go of his Dim Sum craving and we went to Victor’s Kitchen… get there by 7pm cos the last order is at 8pm and they aren’t kidding. I wasn’t hungry and not feeling 100% but it was yummers. I don’t usually order har kau but he serves it with this vinegar and it just makes the dim sum better than ever. We only had 4 dishes so we need to get a bigger group down and try nearly everything!
Sunday was Rowena’s first month celebration at Allson Hotel and the buffet was pretty alright but of course the main attraction was Rowena and she’s a cutie… I know she’ll grow up super fast and all that and babies are cute but they can’t play with you (me). Haiz. After which we went to Tangs to FINALLY get a Christmas tree!! Yes!! Another thing the baby is responsible for! Heh. The night was complete with a Ramli King Special for dinner… it was sooooo bloody good.
I really should start working out at the gym again soon.


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