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Growing Up Is A Hard Thing To Do November 27, 2006

Posted by Marie in Blah.

I’m trying to grow up, I promise, I really am.

But seriously these muthafuckers are making it damn bloody hard lah. %&*$#*@^&!! At zouk on Sat, I was having a ton of fun and the asshole who semi-ruined our night a month ago was there and after he proceeded to get high enough to rediscover his balls, he threw a jug at me (yes, a plastic jug but it hurt cos it hit my bracelet) but that’s not the point… the point is, is the fool serious? Does he ready think he can get away with that without A. Being kneed in the balls (no matter how small it still hurts okay) B. Getting thrown out of the club or C. Getting the police involved. So Amy quickly did the adult thing and called the bouncer and I had to get the police involved cos seriously I can’t deal with him anymore.

R is just proud that I didn’t punch him…I however, am not so pleased.

P/S The Christmas tree is up, woopie.



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