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Lovely December 4, 2006

Posted by Marie in Chill.
Well, I had a LOVELY weekend. Friday night was drinks and lotsa yummy grub at Wine Company with R’s colleagues. They were really amusing and nice. I’m not very good with new people, I kinda sit, laugh and keep quiet… so un-Marie but it was fun. We got back to my place and he bought me (I mean us) a new flat screen 20" TV!! I think he’s had enough of me grumbling bout my shitty TV that takes 5 mins to turn on and turns off on you when the important part of whatever show you’re watching is on. Does a lil happy dance.  


Sat, struggle outta bed and drag myself to Ubin. Was too tired to ride Mystique over. I was a bit worried it might rain but it stayed mostly cloudy, rode a lil off road in search of the OBS quarry but didn’t find it. No one fell down, which is amazing! My ass still hurts a bit. We went over to Noel’s after and had a dip in the pool till we turned all prune-like… so techincally it wasn’t a dip, more like a soak. . Got home, showered and drove to East Coast for some Satay, Wings and Carrot Cake. YUMMMMMMMY.
Sunday, chilled in bed, had eggs, watched B&B, had noodles, slept some more, woke up, Ann’s back, had too much dinner with her, Dez and Sye, had a tummyache (it’s called too much of a good thing) and it’s Monday Morning. Blah.


1. Angeline - December 4, 2006

Nice TV! Lucky gal!!!

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