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zzzzzzzzzzz December 11, 2006

Posted by Marie in Blah.
As the title suggest, I’m darn tired and very sleepy. I can confirm that I hate shopping and I’m NOT even half way done. I have 6 days till I leave for Phuket, a day at work before the Christmas weekend, 3 days at work after that and then it’s a brand new year!! Can you imagine!? The days are whizzing by!
Anyways, did most of the shopping on Sat, visited baby Liam, had Sheesha; the boys got on too well with conversations of cartoons, football and annoying Marie. blah. Sunday was kinda lazy and I got one, singular present!! Went to church…. grrr and then kinda died in bed. I need to get serious about this shopping thing!!!
Now time for Breakfast.


1. Mei Hui - December 11, 2006

The whole cartoons thingie was strange. It was like a repeat from last year when we realized Sherms didnt know who She-Ra was. *Haha*

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