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Chocolate Covered Strawberries January 22, 2007

Posted by Marie in Blah.
We’ve all used the term Ugly Singaporean and I’m so glad I’m not marrying one. At the wedding show some chick fainted…don’t ask me why cos I only ‘awwed’ at only one dress, maybe she realised how much weight she’d have lose and started to feel light headed, trust me I get scared too but I digress. As I was typing….. the woman fainted and was getting dragged by her boyfriend and someone from the hotel, no one else tried to help, not even the hotel staff, this woman was dead weight. They stumbled near us, so The Boyfriend got up to help straight away, he’s such a sweetie pie. . And oh my, lets not forget Singaporeans and their food, I didnt know I was cutting a queue and I swear the cow behind me growled (in her defence, it could have been her tummy). I’m gonna have to start work now and I’ll leave you with this… to uncover chocolate covered strawberries is a bloody SIN!! die die die.
Okay, have a fab Monday. 
UPDATED: The threesome trying on wedding dresses. heh.


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