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Off January 23, 2007

Posted by Marie in Blah.
I know it’s annoying when I shut off, I do it cos I’m tired, don’t wanna lose my really bad temper, don’t wanna say something hurtful or simply cos don’t really care anymore. So you see, in actual fact shutting off is generally a good thing. Some people just need to learn.
Anyways, I’ve been having really silly bad dreams. Today (this morning) I woke up at 4.11am in a panic cos I dreamt that I didnt have a DJ for my wedding and the hotel didnt have the right equipment for us to do the ipod DJing thingy. I wanted to sms R (at 4.15am) to remind me to book one TODAY so we won’t forget…. I don’t think he’d be very amused. Sigh, it’s crazy I know.
Okay visitors from China are coming soon, it should be an interesting 2 days, lets see how badly my Mandarin SUCKS!!


1. Unknown - January 23, 2007

R here. Haven\’t posted a message since that faithful day and this is my first as "the boyfriend". Not big on blogging and when I do read marieism…1. M and I either laugh together about some smart-alecky comment she\’s made 2. She posts something really sweet bout me or 3. We have a tiff over different points of view. Whatever the outcome, it\’s the honesty and won\’t back down attitude that she conveys through her blog and IN REAL LIFE that makes her worth every exasperated sigh I heave. Coz ultimately, she has the strength of character that most MEN lack { except me 😉 }. I don\’t have a best friend (dude or otherwise) but I know she\’s always got my back.
Was there a point to this? Hmmm it\’s a blog right… 

2. Marie - January 23, 2007

Aw baby, you\’re silly ;-), hugs.Now …where\’s my DINNER??!!! I\’m STARVING!

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