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Report January 30, 2007

Posted by Marie in Chill.
The weekend was busy. We fought the rain (well, I whined a lil and was bossy bout the brolle) and still had a blast at the zoo and night safari. It’s great that R’s worked there before so all I have to do is point and go "what’s that?", "why?" and "really?".
On Sat we headed down to FIAT to get his spanking new car, so I really need to get my licence now ! Had beef noodles goodness at Clementi and caught APOCALYPTO in the evening. I remember whispering "Next time you wanna watch bloody shows like this, please go with Shing or something but it was a great movie and I enjoyed the rest of it, a definite must see.
Sunday, again and against my demands we went to Holy Trinity. Is it very wrong to imagine snipers shooting the choir masters? I swear if you heard the two of them you’d feel my pain. Then we went nuts at Suntec and had a BBQ at Tito’s place, burgers by yours truly. Then I got a bad ass cold… and couldn’t get my gastric ridden sniffing totally drugged out self outta bed on Monday. Nice.
Pix up sooner or later.


1. Vendy - January 30, 2007

y\’know, N and I drove past Tito\’s on Sunday night and I saw the lights and all… and thought, hmmmmmm…. ~par- tay!
We had a good time there… and Tito\’s reallyreally nice.

2. Marie - January 30, 2007

Darn it! You should have called and dropped by! We had so much food.

3. Vendy - January 30, 2007

shy maaaah…

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