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Grammys February 12, 2007

Posted by Marie in Music.
I remember once a upon a time, a long long time ago when the Grammys were so important and I could stay home from work, watch and then rush to the office to write press releases about our artist who won. My ‘work’ involved surfing the web, reading Billboard and watching videos. Sigh…. how things have changed. I can’t wait to go home veg and watch the Grammys tonight.
Tomorrow R & I will be celebrating our first Valentines’ with a buffet. It’s the weirdest thing… I’ve never seen someone so excited about food before. He even has a strategy, not too much food for dinner today, heavy breakfast and light lunch tomorrow. Lobsters first and then lotsa chocolate at the buffet. I’m not big on buffets but he reckons that if I manage to polish off 6 lobsters….*faints*.
On Valentine’s Day itself we’re gonna be watching Ghost Rider, romantic right? ahaha. I’m delighted he like flicks like that, cos watching X Men, Fantastic 4 and DareDevil by my lonesome was a tad un-fun.
Back to the grind.


1. Mei Hui - February 12, 2007

Buffet too! and Ghost Rider on top of it! How romantic. It really is cos it just shows that romantic sentiments r what you/he makes of it and not convention.

2. Marie - February 12, 2007


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